Energy certification services

An energy certificate is a document that shows the energy performance of a building. Its appearance and content are prescribed by the ordinance on energy certification of buildings. The energy certification of a building must include:
  •  an energy audit of the building,
  •  a calculation of delivered energy for operation of technical systems in the building - according to the Methodology,
  •  determining the energy class of the building,
  •  determining measures or recommendations and building an energy certificate,
  •  reference values of delivered energy for the operation of technical systems in the building are prescribed by the Technical Regulation on the rational use of energy and thermal protection in buildings.

The aim of the energy audit is to investigate the condition and characteristics of all systems in the building and all building parts, or the outer shell of the building, and in relation to the obtained data to propose to the user opportunities and measures to save energy. Until 2007, there was no legislation in the field of energy efficiency, so that at least one energy saving measure can be applied to most existing buildings.

Energy audits are performed for building units or for a separate part of the building (independent usable unit of the building is a part of the building, floor or apartment, office space, etc. within the building that is planned or renovated for separate use). The owner of an independent use unit of a building may order the production of an energy certificate and if the whole building already has a valid energy certificate, then a valid energy certificate is one issued for that independent use unit of the building.